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Review of “Forevermore Spohr”
The Midwest Chamber Ensemble, under the direction of its conductor, Steve Lewis, sounds to be an accomplished, semi-professional group of musicians who enjoy playing together. Their reading of Spohr's delightful Nonet is sunny and relaxed, with a pronounced pastoral, yet joyful feel.
David Rowe, Classical CD Reviews, Tues, July 9, 2019

"The orchestra [Midwest Chamber Ensemble] is quite young in years, yet they have accomplished a lot by performing new composers alongside the standard repertoire and some unknown gems. Bravo for their variety and strong accomplishment thus far. Steve Lewis has achieved good results it what appears to be a 'gemutlich' atmosphere. ...their enjoyment of these pieces is quite evident.  Well played by a very good orchestra, on the cusp of being fully professional. (My guess is some excellent students participate in what is essentially a professional-quality band.) ...the ensemble certainly makes a good showing."
Judges Comments, The American Prize, 2017

"The conducting, solo work and coordination of the ensemble’s performers was impressive indeed, demonstrating the important role that the Midwest Chamber Ensemble has assumed as one of the major players in this city’s rich collection of chamber music organizations."
Don Dagenais, KC Metropolis, Tues, May 9, 2017.

Medical Arts Symphony of KC Appointment
KC Metropolis, Tues, Feb 23, 2017.

"Lewis's conducting was fluid and strong...." 
Jordan Buchholtz, KC Metropolis, Wed, February 17, 2016.

"The Midwest Chamber Ensemble, under the unwavering direction of Steve Lewis..... The dynamic range of the ensemble as a whole was remarkable. The group was able to sound light and tender in all of the solemn moments, but have full, lush sounds of the larger, momentous sections."
Jessica E. Riggins, KC Metropolis, Wed, January  20, 2015.

"Music Director Steve Lewis had good control and brought emotion out of the ensemble.....  The Midwest Chamber Ensemble has garnered a well-deserved following and has a busy schedule for its next season. Its performance Sunday showed its performers’ finely-wrought musical skills...."
James Henry, KC Metropolis, Wed, May 6, 2015.

Feature story about the Midwest Chamber Ensemble on KCUR

Interview with "Listen Local" 

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"There was always careful and thoughtful shaping of phrases....  Lewis conducted with a clear beat and an obvious enthusiasm for the music which the players mirrored."
Robert Pherigo, KC Metropolis, Wed, Nov 12, 2014.

"Led by director Steve Lewis...[t]he small choir and orchestra achieved a balanced and beautiful blend of sound right from the first notes of the thoughtful Kyrie, with all parts easily heard."
Karen Hauge, KC Metropolis, Wed, Apr 03, 2013.

"Steve Lewis conducted the Verdi, and I came away impressed. He used a no-frills approach that I wish we would see more of in young conductors, and the results spoke for themselves."
Erik Klackner, KC Metropolis, Wed, Sep 28, 2011