I've had the great fortune to work with many great soloists and composers in the concert hall and recording studio.  If you are a soloist or composer interested in collaborating please don't hesitate to contact me.  One of the things I enjoy most as a conductor is presenting and recording new works.   


Soloists I have collaborated with:

Virginia Q. Backman, flute*
Jay Carter, countertenor
Eman Chalshotori, cello
Li-Hsin Chen, piano
Armando Contreras, baritone
Brett Hodge
Nathan Humphrey, violin*
Richard Jeric, piano
Celeste Johnson, oboe
Keith Kirchoff, piano
Jessica Koebbe, piano*
Charl Louw, piano
Mary Rose Norell, piano
Hannah Porter Occeña, flute
Sarah Tannehill Anderson*
Christopher Ulffers, bassoon
Robert Walzel, clarinet
Katherine Woolsey, oboe


Composers I have collaborated with:

Stephanie Berg
Tim Brewer
John Chittum
Michael Cook
Lee Hartman
Joseph Kern*
Philip Lasser*
Anthony Maglione*
Chris Massa
Michael Miller
Russell Thorpe
Kerwin Young

(*denotes collaboration on a recording)