I offer both French horn lesson and Musicianship/Theory/Composition lessons.  All of my teaching is based on three basic principles: a thorough knowledge of fundamentals, efficient technique and the development of critical self-reflection skills.

Musicianship/Theory/Composition: The creative process is not made up of different disciplines; it is one process that requires many different skills.  While these lessons are tailored to individual needs they typically involve: solfege/ear training drills, keyboard harmony, counterpoint, and analysis of masterworks.  The aim of all of these is to develop the ear and analytical mind and to enhance the connection between the two.  I have had the great fortune to study with several of Nadia Boulanger’s students and “grand-students” and my methods are based on this lineage.  Lessons can be taught in person (in Kansas City) or over Skype.

French horn: Fundamental technique and critical self-reflection skills form the backbone of my French horn teaching.  I do not teach one simply to play individual pieces but rather the techniques to play any piece. I seek to give all students tools and ideas for continual self improvement.  Lesson materials typically include studies by O. Franz and Kopprasch, Bach’s Cello Suites arranged for solo horn, and the standard solo, chamber, and orchestral repertoire.  (Horn lessons are in person, Kansas City, only.)

For rates and questions please contact me.