Opportunities for graduated dictation practice are hard to come by.  The French have many great books of graduated dictations for study but unless you have someone to play for you while you take them down they are of little help.  My wife and I have recorded and compiled many recorded examples from these books and are making them available for download.  (Please keep in mind these are NOT studio recordings!  They were recorded using iPhones or made using Sibelius midi.)  They can be downloaded HERE. The examples are from the following books:

Noël Gallon: Dictees Progressives a 1 Partie [Editions Jobert]

Lucien Grandjany:  Dictees graduees  (one voice) [Editions Henry Lemoine]

Nicole Philiba: Dictees Musicales a 2 Voix [Editions Billaudot]

Simone Petit: Cours Complet de Dictees Musicales - Vol.4 Dictees  a 2 Voix [Alphonse Leduc]

Noël Gallon: Dictees Progressives a 2 Parties [Editions Jobert]

 We have not recorded all the examples in any of these books.  The files are labeled with composer's name and example number.  I suggest purchasing the above texts to get starting pitches, keys, and to check answers.  If you like, these books can be ordered via the music store where I work; Luyben Music (816) 753-7111.  DO NOT ask for pdfs of the books.  I have not scanned them and they are under copyright.